Recording a Plat or Survey

Subdivision Plat Requirements: Indiana Code (IC) 36-7-3-2: IC 32-21; IC 36-2-7-10

The following are the requirements to record an original Plat (Original Plats are kept by the Recorder's Office):

  • Title of Subdivision Plat at the top of the document,
  • Owners Certificate Statement,
  • Legal description and drawing,
  • Signatures with names typed or printed below or next to each name,
  • Signatures acknowledged or notarized,
  • Prepared by statement,
  • Social Security redaction statement,
  • Approvals from the various governmental agencies: Surveyor, Assessor,
  • Auditor and Planning Commission Plat Committee.

155.020 Submission of Plat.

  1. A subdivider shall submit to the Plan Commission office an application and an accompanying plat for a minor subdivision. The plat shall be based on a boundary survey conforming to the Minimum Standards for the Competent Practice of Land Surveying administered by the State Board of Registration for Land Surveyors, as provided for in 865 IAC 1-12, and drawn on reproducible material, 18 inches by 18 inches, at an accepted scale and five prints of the plat showing:

155.052 Secondary Plat.

See directions as provided by the Planning and Building Department.

NOTE: To obtain information to begin the Plat Process please contact the Planning Office at (317) 477-1134. 

Click link to be redirected to the Plat Committee page: Plat Committee Petition | Hancock County, IN (

Or to obtain a checklist please see page 3 of the Final Detail Plan  Final-Detail-Plan-Petition-PDF (  



  • A Mylar copy for the Planning Department and
  • One paper copy each for the Recorder and Auditor.

When preparing a Plat for recording, please leave approximately 4" x 2" at the upper right corner in order for the Recorder to affix the Recorder's Stamp, Cabinet Number and Slide Number. Due to the limitation of the Plat Storage Cabinet, it is requested that a Plat be no larger than 18" x 18". Duplicate stamps are not provided; plats are scanned into the computer system and a recorded full-size copy can be purchased.

Survey Requirements: IC 36-2-19-4; IC 36-2-7-10

The following are the requirements to record an original survey:

  • Preferred size of survey's are to be 18 inches by 18 inches and no larger than 36 inches by 36 inches
  • Survey Company's name or Surveyor's name
  • Surveyor's official seal
  • Legal Description - stating section, township, range or subdivision
  • Original signatures with names typed or printed below or next to the name
  • Prepared by Statement
  • Social Security Redaction Statement

The Recorder's Office will scan the survey into the Recorder's system and return the original document providing a self-address postage-paid envelope is provided.

Note: 865 IAC January 12, 2012 Surveyors are required to record surveys in the county where the property is located.