Welcome to the Hancock County Recorder's Office website. The County Recorder is a constitutional officer elected to a four-year term. As a Constitutional officer, the Hancock County Recorder is prohibited from serving more than eight consecutive years in a twelve year period.

Ideally, this website will provide the public insight on the services available in the Recorder's Office. The primary function of the Recorder's Office is to preserve a variety of documents and legal instruments ranging from Mechanic Liens, Mortgages, Deed Records to Military Discharge documents for future recoupment.

Whether requesting a copy of a public record or recording a document, please provide a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope so that the document can be returned to you. Generally speaking, the majority of documents are recorded within 24 hours.

Although, the dedicated staff in the Hancock County Recorder's Office desire to serve the public to the best of our ability; the Recorder's Office staff is prohibited from rendering legal opinion or doing public records or title search as the employees are not bonded, licensed or insured for such duties.

Marcia Moore
Hancock County Recorder

Recorder Alert

Please contact the Recorder's Office at 317-477-1142 should you receive mail stating "Deed Processing Notice." A copy of your deed is available at the Recorder's Office for $1 per page and deeds are usually one or two pages.

Hancock County is not sending out this processing notice. Should you receive any mail regarding Property profile or Deeds, feel free to contact us so that we may assist you.