Sales Disclosure

What are Sales Disclosures and How are They Used?

A sales disclosure is a State Form (46021) that is completed for property transfers, both those that are transferred for valuable consideration and those that are the result of foreclosure, the express threat of foreclosure, divorce, court orders, judgments, condemnation, or probate. The intent of the sales disclosure is to provide a base of information that will be utilized by the State of Indiana and the County Assessor to identify how much each property was transferred for and to accomplish fair market values when yearly trending takes place. Any fee will be collected by the County Auditor after a determination by the County Assessor if a fee is necessary. Sales Disclosures are classified as "public information" beginning January 2000.

More Questions?

If you have any additional questions, you can access the DLGF Sales Disclosures Instructions (PDF) or call the Assessors Office at 317-477-1102.