Access Property Tax & Assessment Records

Access Property Tax and Assessment Records

Access Property Information

Access Property Records and Imagery

For the latest property information, maps, and imagery, the public may access Beacon's website. This site is tied directly to our local assessment database and allows the public to view the latest assessor data.


Deductions are sometimes called "Exemptions".

Homestead and mortgage deductions are processed in the auditor's office. Please contact the Auditor's Office at 317-477-1105 or go to the Auditor's page on this website and refer to the property tax deductions page where you can find detailed instructions that will further assist you.

Your property may be eligible for deductions from the assessed value.

Factors include:

  • Homestead (the property is owner-occupied)
  • Homeowner's age (65 and over)
  • Mortgage

Deductions are not given automatically. Visit the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF)'s Property Tax Deduction page for more information.

Tax Rate

Property tax bills are calculated by multiplying the net assessed value (assessed value minus any deductions) times the tax rate to get the gross tax. If your property has a homestead exemption multiply that amount by the homestead credit rate and subtracts from the gross tax to get the net tax. The Auditor's Office calculates the tax bills. The Treasurer's Office prints the bills and collects payments.