Probation Programs

Parenting Inside Out

Parenting Inside Out (PIO) (PDF) is a cognitive-behavioral skills training program created for parents who are incarcerated or who have been placed on community supervision. The PIO program was designed to assist parents with the promotion of healthy child adjustments and prevention of problematic child behavior. PIO focuses on outcomes-based models of instruction, which allow for real-life scenarios to be discussed and problem-solved in a classroom setting. Lessons included in this program include creating a safe place to work together and learn with your children, establishing effective communication and problem-solving skills, identifying your child's love language, and more. Upon successful completion of the 12-week Parenting Inside Out program, parents will be able to better communicate with their children and implement a parenting plan specific to the needs of their own family.

Jail Intervention Program

The Jail Intervention Program (JIP) is offered through Hancock County Court Services which consists of 24 sessions over the course of 8 weeks encompassing primary treatment topics, similar to the curriculum of Intensive Outpatient Programs. JIP is a skills development and training group with a focus on substance abuse and is certified by the Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addiction.

ADP: 8 Hour Education Course

This program is an eight hour evidence-based course designed to help people make better decisions about their substance use. Using the best of CBT, harm reduction and cutting edge research on alcohol and drug use, this course educates, entertains and challenges participants to change their thinking about their substance use.