Evacuate immediately if told to do so. Authorities do not ask people to leave unless they truly feel lives may be in danger. Follow their advice.

  • Listen to local radio or television and follow the instructions of local emergency officials. Local officials will provide you with the most appropriate advice for your particular situation.
  • Wear protective clothing and sturdy shoes. Disaster areas and debris contain many hazards. The most common injury following disasters is cut feet.
  • Lock your home. Others may evacuate after you or before you return. Secure your house as you normally would when leaving for extended periods.
  • Use travel routes specified by local authorities. Do not use shortcuts because certain areas may be impassable or dangerous.
  • If you have only moments before leaving, grab the following items as you go:
    • First aid kit, including prescription medications, extra eyeglasses, dentures and hearing aid batteries
    • Disaster Supplies Kit basics and Evacuation Supplies Kit (See "Disaster Supplies Kit" section for detailed information.)
    • A change of clothes and a sleeping bag or bedroll and pillow for each household member
    • Car keys and keys to the place you may be going (friend's or relative's home)