How can I get a birth or death certificate?

You can get a birth or death certificate by either coming into our office or by mailing a request. You will need to provide birth/death information, payment, and identification for yourself. Print out the form and fill it out, return it to our office, or provide the following information:

For a Birth Certificate

Name at birth, date of birth, parents' names, mother's maiden name, and the state each parent was born in. Include identification for yourself. A copy of a current driver's license is sufficient or send other signature/picture identification. Include payment for the certificate: $15 for a combo certificate (includes regular size and laminated wallet size). The passport office does not recommend lamination of birth certificates if applying for a passport.

For a Death Certificate

Provide the name of the deceased and date of death. Indicate the number of copies needed. Include payment: $15 for each copy requested.

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