What can a Comprehensive Plan do?
  • Lead to consistent decision making on land development issues. Local officials, residents, and developers can refer to the Plan in making day-to-day decisions. 
  • Manage growth so that it does not occur in a haphazard pattern. 
  • Help the County spend money wisely and grow effectively so that service costs do not result in a heavy tax burden on property owners. 
  • Help preserve the rural aspects, character, and natural resources of Hancock County. 
  • Provide a sound basis to update land use regulations, such as the zoning ordinance.  

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1. What is Future Hancock?
2. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
3. What can a Comprehensive Plan do?
4. Which areas in the County will the Future Hancock Comprehensive Plan Cover?
5. I live in an incorporated City or Town in Hancock County how will this plan impact me?
6. Who is coordinating the Future Hancock Comprehensive planning process?