What is Future Hancock?

Future Hancock is a process to develop the new Hancock County Comprehensive Plan. It is a 12 to 15-month process that kicked-off in late August 2021 and will be completed by September 2022. Future Hancock is an opportunity to engage and hear from the community about their vision and values for the future of Hancock County. Ultimately, the Future Hancock will help craft a unified vision for the future of Hancock County and serve as a roadmap for future decision-making around growth and development.  

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1. What is Future Hancock?
2. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
3. What can a Comprehensive Plan do?
4. Which areas in the County will the Future Hancock Comprehensive Plan Cover?
5. I live in an incorporated City or Town in Hancock County how will this plan impact me?
6. Who is coordinating the Future Hancock Comprehensive planning process?