Weed Board


  • Paul Cooper, Township Trustee
  • Tom Tucker, Landowner, Chairman
  • County Highway
  • Roy Ballard, Purdue Cooperative Extension
  • Tom Roney, SWCD Supervisor


Destruction of Detrimental Plants IC 15-16-8

The law states that a person owning or possessing real estate in Indiana shall destroy detrimental plants by: cutting or mowing and, if necessary, by plowing, cultivating, smothering; or using chemicals in the bud state of growth or earlier, to prevent detrimental plants from maturing.

Named in the law as detrimental plants are Canada thistle, Johnson grass, Columbus grass, bur cucumber, shattercane, and in residential areas only noxious weeds and rank vegetation (see Hancock County definitions below).

Hancock County Ordinance Number 1999-3C and Amendment Ordinance Number 2002-4A

In addition to the above Indiana Weed Laws, Hancock County has in place Article 13 Weeds and Rank Vegetation which stipulates in Sec. 4-131 Definitions; "Weeds and rank vegetation" shall include all plant life that is located in platted subdivisions, except turf grass, landscaped trees, ornamental flowers, crops, and shrubs. All weeds and rank vegetation that exceed 18" in height are in violation of this ordinance. All corresponding procedures that apply to the Indiana Weed Laws apply to the Ordinance set forth by the Hancock County Board of Commissioners

Hancock County Amendment Ordinance Number 2002-4A

Pursuant to IC 15-16-8 and IC 15-16-7 if, upon notice, detrimental plants are not controlled and the Hancock County Weed Control Board must contract for compliance, an administrative fee of $100 will be added to the bill from the contractor.

Weed Control Board IC 15-16-7

If you do not destroy detrimental plants the Weed Control Board is required to do so. If this becomes necessary the landowner will be billed for the cost and expenses of the work performed plus a $100 administrative fee.

If payment is not made to the Weed Control Board by the indicated deadline, the cost and $100 administrative fee, plus $23 recording fees, will be added to the property tax bill as a lien.

A person who allows detrimental plants to grow and mature on land owned or possessed in Hancock County, Indiana commits a Class C infraction with a fine of $500. Each day in violation constitutes a separate infraction starting on the deadline date.

Detrimental Plants in Locations Other Than Platted Subdivisions

The Hancock County Highway Department oversees the right-of-way areas. If you have a concern with one of the detrimental plants in the right-of-way call 477-1130.

If you have a concern inside city/town limits you need to contact the city/town office. Links to some of the city/town websites may be located on the Hancock County Government website home page.

All other concerns can be directed to 317-477-1165.