The easiest way to conceptualize GIS is to think of it as layers of information that are represented graphically on a computer screen. More precisely, GIS is the hardware, software, people, information, and procedures used to represent, manage, and analyze information about the earth's surface.

Visit the Hancock County online GIS website.

The tracking of tax abatements and TIF districts is now enabled on Hancock County's beacon site.  A tutorial is available here.

Please Note: The parcel lines and corners represented by GIS do not represent legal boundaries. Users should not rely on them for any purpose other than a low-accuracy approximation of their boundaries. They are of limited precision and are simply graphic representations of parcel lines developed for the county's limited purposes. By law, the legal boundaries of a parcel are a function of (1) the law, (2) evidence on the ground, and (3) the written deed description or subdivision plat. Only a registered land surveyor is trained and licensed to locate boundary lines.

If you need your boundaries located, a listing of local surveyors is available at no charge from the GIS Office or view the Private Survey Companies resource directory category.