Register to Vote

Register to vote online.

Voter registration deadline for 2023 Municipal Election is October 10, 2023.

In Indiana, a person cannot vote on Election Day unless the person has previously registered to vote. A United States Citizen may register to vote in a variety of locations, such as, the county/town/city Clerk's Office, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the local library and the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Office.

There are specific requirements established by both the United States and the Indiana constitution that an individual must meet to be eligible to vote; for example: a person must be 18 years old by the November General Election in order to vote.

An individual is not required to re-register to vote when renewing their driver's license. However, a person should update their registration information for an address change or name change.

Upon submitting an application to register to vote, the Hancock County Election Office is required to issue an Acknowledgment Notice. Indiana Code allows for the Acknowledgment Notice to include the Voter Registration Card and to serve as such assuming all other determining factors for voter registration have been met. IC: 3-7-33-5 (d).

Additional information and guidelines or an online Voter's Registration Form may be downloaded at the State of Indiana's Voter Portal website.