Economic Development


The Hancock Economic Development Council provides site location assistance, cost of doing business analysis, and economic impact modeling to site location consultants, the corporate real estate community, and individual businesses. The Council also serve as a liaison between local government and the business community.


Notice to taxpayers and all other persons affected of adoption and content of resolutions of the Hancock county redevelopment commission and notice of public hearings on resolutions.

Taxpayers of the Hancock County Redevelopment District and all other persons affected hereby are notified that the Hancock County Redevelopment Commission ("Commission"), at a meeting held on June 3, 2022, adopted: (i) Declaratory Resolution Number 1 establishing the 2022 Hancock County Economic Development Area Number 1 ("Area Number 1") and an allocation area ("Allocation Area Number 1") within Area Number 1; and (ii) Declaratory Resolution Number 2 establishing the 2022 Hancock County Economic Development Area Number 2 ("Area Number 2") and an allocation area ("Allocation Area Number 2") within Area Number 2. The Commission may use the respective incremental real property taxes levied and collected in Allocation Area Number 1 and Allocation Area Number 2 in accordance with IC 36-7-14 and IC 36-7-25 to finance the construction of certain local public improvements needed, including road, water, sewer and storm drainage infrastructure improvements and public safety equipment or facilities in, serving or benefitting the respective allocation areas (collectively, "Projects"). Declaratory Resolution Number 1 and Declaratory Resolution Number 2 (collectively, "Declaratory Resolutions"), the Economic Development Plan for Area Number 1, the Economic Development Plan for Area Number 2 and supporting data including maps and parcel lists describing Area Number 1 and Area Number 2, have been prepared and can be inspected at the office of Highway Department, 921 W Osage Avenue, Greenfield, Indiana.

Notice is further given that the Commission on June 20, 2022 at the hour of 10 am, local time, in the Commissioners Court, Hancock County Annex, 111 South American Place, Suite 101, Greenfield, Indiana, will receive and hear remonstrances from persons interested in or affected by the proceedings pertaining to the proposed economic development Projects and will determine the public utility and benefit of the proposed Projects. At the time fixed for hearing or at any time prior thereto, any person interested in the proceedings may file a written remonstrance with the Secretary of the Commission in the Highway Department At such hearing, which may be adjourned from time to time, the Commission will hear all persons interested in the proceedings and all remonstrances that have been filed. After considering this evidence, the Commission will take final action by either confirming, modifying and confirming, or rescinding the Declaratory Resolutions.

Dated this 3 day of June 2022.

Hancock County Redevelopment Commission